Ad Plus – A brand new AI Media can’t be missed

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What is Ad Plus
It’s a push message from a brand the user wants to know and want to hear from. It delivers straight to users’phones when they’ve installed an app.
The Most Use- Local Base Service (LBS)
AI- driven backend system locates & reach mobile users in a precise location (GPS) to deliver prime marketing offer which highly fit the scenario & the “buying- pulse” instantly.
The Most Play- Day Parting
In this showcase, campaign optimization is applied to deliver McDonald’s Ad Plus tailor made timely message in breakfast, lunch, tea & dinner time to individuals. Creating the needs at the “desire-moment” which achieved average click through rate 25% more than the benchmark.
Why Ad Plus?
High Engagment Rate Support 1st Party Data Import High Return on Investment (ROI)
Benchmark CTR 8% Email or Mobile No. Improve 25% of Conversion
The Most Play- Day Parting
Native Message
Big Native
Now, let’s get into more details on what ad push traffic is using more technical terms:

  • Called web push notification ads, they are commercial messages served by websites (rather than apps) on both desktop and mobile devices. Users who click on those messages get redirected to a product offer or a landing page (or a microsite), thus generating a conversion.
  • These short interactive messages are built of an ad image and copy related to your offer (resembling SMS alerts or app notification) and are delivered straight to an ad recipient’s mobile or desktop device.
  • Users need to opt-in to start receiving push ads from websites. Subscribers get only a limited number of notifications per day, and can opt-out any time they feel like it.
  • AXIS Media re-launch mobile Ad Plus with more than 200 Million unique users in China & Hong Kong. Contact us for details now!
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