Stop wasting media budget on HealthCare Campaigns

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Audience segment of HealthCare is rare resource & even the media giants Google/ Facebook provide no option to marketers. To fill this gap, AXIS Media develop advanced data segment leverage on Point of Interest (POI) & In-Apps usage behavior as the first-to-market previse healthcare segment
What is Point of Interest & In-APP behavior?
The Point of Interest

A specific point location that someone may find useful or interesting. Referring to Health check center, Pharmacy or any other categories may use. Users of a mobile device can be provided with geolocation and time aware POI service that labels as certain target segment

The In-App Behavior

Using the behavior data of In-App such as App presence, content, purchase etc. All the ways to measure user attributes that adopt a more competitive position regarding any health/medical related intentional interest showing the demand of healthcare needs.

Example The target segment is formulated by content interest & specific health APPs activities. The way of this identification imply the demand of certain mobile users
The methodology of Health Advance
By point of interest & In-APP Behavior
The perfect combination of Point of Interest (POI) & Healthcare interest by In-App behavior to identify the real-life demand. The record user data on the health status, content interest and some Super APPs usage such as Fitbit, Nike-Run, Under-Armour etc. will be the labeling for certain segment. In additional the data layer of Point of Interest emphasize the needs of user of any health related services.
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