How Mobile Payment Energize Your Media Plan?

Alipay & WeChat Pay- The best in China & Global

Payment advertising is acombination of payment gateway and advertising that means publisher able to advertise shoppers while their checkout and trigger them to have a second purchase.Because of targeting consumer buying behavior, allowing retailers to use the context of native advertising to deliver content at the right moment.

Further down the purchase funnel

Publishers set up their funnel requirement to match their context to the ads. Such as venue, industries, spending amount etc. This is a short window of opportunity in the purchase funnel where a successful with the high conversion.

The opportunities in China

– 50% transaction from 1st tier cities
– Guangdong Province contribute > 25%
– 600,000+ retail shop spots
– 15,000,000+ daily transactions

MNC clients on AXIS- Payment Advance

Many brands have a successful experience in Payment advance. Shanghai Disney gains over32,000 online visits for opening offers in 6 weeks and English First (EF) reach out 2.4K extra web-traffic with very satisfactory CTR performance.

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