WeChat Moment, a stepping stone to build brand awareness among Chinese communities

How Powerful, Exactly is WeChat?

WeChat, the multi-purpose social media mobile app developed by Tencent, has swept the world since 2011, and by 2017 it was one of the largest standalone mobile applications with over 980 million monthly active users.

While being WeChat’s brand name for its social feed of friend’s updates, Moments allows users to post images & text, share music & articles and interact with their social circles. Besides, Moments offers the following ad formats, helping you to reach the Chinese population among the globe!

Check-out the ad formats that Moments offers below!

The Native formats are available in 3 styles:

1. Image + Text                                                      2. Video + Text

3. Audience Engagement
Apart from the traditional Native Ad formats, an interesting voting function is added to engage with audience!

Post Click Activity

Drive Foot Traffic to Your Retail Store!

Promote App Installation!

Get More Followers on your Official Account!

Coupon Redemption to Boost Sales!

Tesla Model S Launch Campaign

If you are interested in such advance advertising strategy and make a great boost for both branding and sales promotion, contact us today to find out the next step!