China Unicom, your data partner to reach China consumer!

Whoever owns the data, wins!

As the leading mobile & fixed-line provider in China, China Unicom has a significant base of customers, making China Unicom possesses a database storing over 330M audience data to perform Big Data Analysis and Accurate ATL & BTL marketing.

China Unicom provides one stop marketing solution – from authentic audience data resources to identity, geo and behavior targeting that will bring you an integrated and efficient branding, marketing and sale promotion strategy. With the 330M authentic audience data that China Unicom possesses, accessing Chinese citizens and catering their shopping demand has become a piece of cake!

Over 330M Real Audience Data means Accurate Audience Buying

By analyzing audience online behaviors such as using a certain type of mobile applications, browsing particular websites and searching relevant keywords (which all defined by advertisers) and specific characteristics such as gender, geo-location, or job title, we will be able to perform audience segmentation and serve ads to individually targeted members of the 330M giant audience data pool.

China Unicom’s database will do the data conversion magic trick thus SMS pushing campaign will be triggered automatically to individually targeted members. Estimated 1M impressions will be achieved daily!

Audience will no longer see the same ads as everyone else; they see ads personalized especially for them!

Guangdong focused location-based service (LBS)

Thousands of mainland tourists, mainly from the Guangdong province, are rushing to Hong Kong for the high quality and trust-worthy goods and services on a daily basis. In order to get hold of these tourists who are attracted either by the SMS blasting or the beauty and prosperity of Hong Kong itself, a proper approach to make sure they are channeled to the is necessary!

To target the right shoppers, accurate geo-targeting is also a strategy that advertisers with a sales promotion purpose should never miss! By owning the 330M audience database and performing a second round SMS pushing campaign, we will be able to attract shoppers to the targeted stores when they wander around the relevant regions and don’t know where to go (which defined by advertisers)!

If you are interested in such programmatic advertising strategy and make a great boost for both branding and sales promotion, contact us today to find out the next step!