What is Native Advertising and Why are brands and marketers so fond of it?


What is Trending: Native Advertising!

Native ad., an integrated online ad format using contents as an advertising medium, are taking over digital advertising.

While 2016 was all about the rise of mobile native formats and their inevitable move towards programmatic, 2017 will continue this trend while being all about timing them correctly and ensuring they are relevant. As a result, native advertising spend is expected to double in the next few years!

Up from a 56% share in 2016, the total revenue generated from native display advertising in US, including native in-feed ads on publisher media resources and also social media platform, has increased by 4 billion and reached 60% share among the total display advertising revenue in 2017.

By 2021, native advertising will drive 74% of all ad revenue by 2021 worldwide!

Why is everyone so obsessed with it?

  1. It looks more like real content than just an advert
  2. We are in an information explosion era when everyone knows how to make use of searching engine such as Google and Yahoo to find solutions. Thus only related and accurate information would grab the interest of netizens else wise everything is ignored.

    Native ads are highly organic and native to your app’s content format. Instead of giving you a banner or full screen image, the creative consists of a number of components that are sent to your app, which the app lays out itself.



  3. Flexibility and Diversified formats
  4. Native advertising isn’t referring to a particular format of advertising but a concept. The unique native advertising concept allows a flexible combination and adjustable balance between content, user – experience and also advertising effectiveness on a spectacular level.

    Native advertising can be in various formats such as in-feed viral videos, pictures, music and also links & related articles beyond the in-feed framework. Thus, it basically caters all kinds of demand and requirements from brands and marketers.

  5. More accurate and relevant targeting
  6. Native ad providers have access to large databases of user profiles; some of them are able to store behavioral data and perform a more sophisticated targeting.

    The incredible growth of native programmatic advertising is a testament to these standards being implemented, and we can foresee a lot more budget allocation for native programmatic on mobile in 2017.

    As native advertising becomes more widespread, AXIS Media can ensure your ad will not only fits into its surroundings, but also offers the user exactly what he or she wants, at the right time.

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