China’s App Addiction: Quantify the potential of mobile marketing

As the second-largest mobile advertising market worldwide, China is a land of opportunity for mobile publishers and advertisers alike – and these opportunities will only continue to grow as smartphones increasingly penetrate China’s already-mobile-first market.


China is already home to almost as many smartphone users (625 million) as there are in the US and Europe (including Russia) combined (669 million). However, China is now at the tipping point of overtaking this large combined group of many of the world’s top markets, as smartphone penetration is still relatively low in China compared to most of the other Top 10 mobile advertising markets globally. Only 47% of the Chinese population currently owns a smartphone, compared to 67% smartphone penetration in the US, 64% in the UK and 72% in
South Korea


China’s current mobile advertising market is among the most app-centric in the world, as China’s mobile users already spend 99% of their mobile time in-app.19 Chinese consumers also use more apps per month than users from any other top mobile advertising market – according to App Annie, the average Chinese consumer uses an average of almost 40 apps per month, while the average US consumer uses about 35.


During all of this time spent in-app, Chinese mobile users are conducting a remarkable amount of in-app purchases and transactions. Compared to those in the US, Chinese consumers are 3X more likely to buy food and groceries via mobile devices, 2X more likely to transfer money using apps and 4X more likely to spend a majority of disposable income on mobile.
Not surprisingly, advertising dollars follow eyeballs. In-app’s 98% share of mobile ad spending on the Smaato platform in Q2 2017- five share points above the global average – was in line with China’s consumer share of smartphone time spent in-app versus on mobile web.


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