What Is Viewability & Why Is It Important For Advertising Campaigns

You might have heard about viewability in the digital advertising sphere. However, due to the speed of technology advancement in digital advertising, there is still confusion about what viewability is, what the standards are and why it matters for digital advertisers. We are going to explain what viewability is and why is it important.

What Is Viewability

Viewability is a metric in digital advertising that tracks ad impressions which are actually seen by real humans. These impressions are called ‘viewed impression’, not to be confused with impressions on a computer or mobile screen. In simple words, if you have an advertisement that shows at the bottom of a website and a visitor does not scroll far enough to see it, a viewed impression will not be recorded.

Why Is Viewability Important?


The IAB reported that 54% of all online advertising is not seen by users and this was concluded looking at many factors like:

  • Many times the ad is loaded out of sight of the user does not scroll the page
  • The ad does not load in time due to slow bandwidth or network issues
  • The announcement has plugins that the user does not have
  • Due to use Ad Blockers by users

Therefore, the advertising industry is currently moving into valuing viewable impressions rather than served impressions, which we now know, can be biased. Today, advertisers tend to bid for viewable impressions as they have an increased chance of their ads being seen by users.

Let’s know the requirement for an impression to be considered as Viewable Impression:

  • Pixel Requirement: minimum 50% pixels of the ad must be viewable space of the browser.
  • Time Requirement: the ad must be visible in the browser for a minimum time of one continuous second, post ad render.

To Conclude

Ad viewability represents a significant change in the way online media in the sale and tracking cookies and improves allocation models, making them more accurate.

It is proven that greater ad viewability, improves the performance of the brand and direct response campaign.

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Source: Know Online Advertising

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