According to Admaster’s research, over 80% of advertisers will increase the budget of digital marketing. On the budget allocation, mobile devices will dominate the budget. 87% of advertisers will further enlarge the marketing budget on mobile. And 72% of advertisers will increase the budget of social marketing in 2017.


How to maximize the utility of budget? You must not underestimate the importance of key opinion leaders (KOLs). KOLs can expand the reach of communications; connect to a targeted segment of consumers based on demographics, psychographics and lifestyle choices; differentiating your business form the competitors; stretch your marketing dollar without splashing it out on celebrity endorsements and most significantly, to create trust with different segments of consumers using the enhanced influencer validation, to reduce barriers to sales and conversion. Qualified KOLs can target accurate audiences and bring huge quality impressions.

In the age of socialized marketing, social media not only change how people share, delivery and receive message, but also break the one to one relationship between brand and consumers to interaction. Developing an effective and scalable KOL engagement strategy is definitely an effective way to accumulate fans and maintain brand exposure.

Are you curious on social marketing? Contact us for more information on how your brand can leverage on social marketing in your next marketing campaign!

Source: kknews

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