May be you will ask why would you need a DMP when you already have a DSP? DMPs (Data management platforms) are not just another tool for audience targeting, but they have endless possibilities. If you have no idea how a DMP can help your business, here are 4 ways DMP can help adding value to your marketing strategy:

  1. Data unity – all of your audience data are centralized, actionable and secured
    You can have a unified bird-eye view of your customers across screens, devices, country boarders and time, after pulling all of your data into DMP. You may also combine offline data with online, mobile, CRM, etc., then build audiences to segments. In order to learn more about who are your most valuable consumers. Also, the security level of data can be controlled by yourself.2
  2. More comprehensive insights of your existing customers and prospects
    You will have a clear grasp of all the audiences’ attributes, likes who they are, what they like, and what kind of content they respond the most. You can use these new insights to refine the content and strategy, thus increase the engagement when you approach to them the next time. You can also use these new insights to build lookalikes and increase the size of audience pool with similar interests.2
  3. Improve performance of your digital campaigns
    No more ad wastage! As you can refine the audiences by adding additional segments with better performance or remove underperforming segments from your campaign. Then you are only spending on those who are your real targets.
  4. Be your own judge
    You can build your own tracker to monitor the campaign performance. Be your own judge of the campaign. All data are viewable and keep tracked in the DMP.

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Source: LOTAME

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