As a new format of WeChat Moments Ad, WeChat Native Video combines a 6-15 second video preview with a full-screen interactive inner page. Clicking the video preview on the moment browsing panel will take the users to a full screen interactive page that loads 10 times faster than a regular H5 landing URL.

The inner page not only reduces bounce rate with faster speed, but also provides an innovative user experience: from panoramic interactive camera, to funny little mini game. Let’s have a closer look:

Porsche: Panamera


The transition from video preview to interactive full screen is virtually seamless. By clicking the ad, WeChat takes you to a 360-degree panoramic interior display of the luxurious car Panamera. It takes the users zero second from their smartphones to the seat of this beautiful masterpiece of automobile craftsmanship.

Lancome: the little black bottle


Lancome utilized the native video ads on WeChat Moments via fun puzzle games and delivered over 10,000 Lancome products sampling including the little black bottle, miracle fragrance, etc.

Yili Group


In the form of full-screen flashing poster video and 360-degree panoramic view, Yili promoted its brand on WeChat and increased the sales during the Chinese New Year 2017.

Are you curious on native video ad of WeChat Moments? Contact us for more information on how your brand can leverage on the new Native Video Ad of WeChat Moments in your next marketing campaign!

Source: China Internet Watch

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