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In the offline world, people are always motivated by incentives including discounts, coupons, and gifts. WeChat users are no exception. By employing WeChat Coupons, brands can engage more users and drive more sales with at least 2 kinds of WeChat coupons:

 1. ‘Sharable’ Coupon

Users not only redeem the coupon, they can also SHARE with friends; spreading the exposure throughout the users’ own circle of friends.


2. Regular Coupon

Users can redeem, store and use the coupon either online or offline.


WeChat Coupon Redemption

Verification code/ QR code scan / manual-input coupon code. Advertisers can set up either one of these redemption method.


How can coupons help brands improve sales performance?

 1. High Conversion

WeChat has already accumulated over 400 million users. Brand awareness can be spread out through word-of-mouth recommendations of WeChat users. Sharing between friends are reliable and with high conversion. Virus marketing can be formed with a reasonable budget.

2. Traffic Driving: Online to Offline

Coupon is an effective way to convert traffic from online to offline, and vice versa. So how does this work in practice? A user receives a coupon from a friend and uses it to purchase a product in-store. As the user must follow the official WeChat account in order to redeem the coupon, the brand can now retarget this new user with future offers and promotions.

Are you curious on WeChat coupons? Contact us more information on how your brand can leverage WeChat coupons in your next campaign!

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