When PC and mobile devices become the known platforms for advertising, to stand out, it’s time to discover a new platform – OTT (internet TV). As the most extensive coverage of internet users in China, Tencent call out a strategy for “living room big screen” – OTT. In addition to video, Tecent incorporates their full line of products and services (including IM such as WeChat and QQ, games, music and etc.) into home video platform; making the big screen a part of the cross-platform ecosystem.

In 2016 Q2, the number of China Internet TV daily active users reaches 38 million. The no. of OTT devices was 1.65 billion in 2015. It is expected to have over 4 billions of OTT devices in 2020, which means over 70% Chinese family will use OTT devices instead of traditional TV at that time. Underestimating the OTT market is definitely the least thing you would do if you want to stick close with the market.


Having precise monitoring and measurement of advertising effectiveness is definitely a must for a new media platform. To do this, Tencent goes partner with AdMaster and Miaozhen System in order to build a OTT TV population sample library for 3rd party tracking.

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Source: kknews

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